Emergency Medical Services

The Wauneta Emergency Medical Services is comprised by a core group of local volunteers who undergo extensive emergency medical technician training.  The squad offers EMT-basic service and covers a 400-square mile area with one rescue unit and two ambulances.  The Wauneta EMS is affiliated with the Chase County EMS and Chase County Community Hospital.  To summon the assistance of the Wauneta EMS dial 9-1-1 or (308)394-5670.

Local emergency services have come a long way from the days when injured persons were transported to the local doctor's office or to an out of town hospital in the back of the local undertaker's hearse.

 After World War II several of Wauneta's young men returned home from war with extensive emergency medical training.  These veterans also brought back a can-do attitude, joining or returning to the Wauneta Fire Department and building it into one of the best small town departments in the state.  They saw the need for emergency medical services and began offering those services themselves.  Leland DeHart and Lloyd Sinner were among those early visionaries who dedicated themselves to establishing an organized fire and rescue squad.  The fire department utilized an old panel truck equipped with a WWII cot as an ambulance.  They painted the truck white and dubbed “The White Ghost.”  When Enders Reservoir was built and became a recreational hotspot, Wauneta fire and rescue squad volunteers regularly manned a first aid/rescue station at the lake on summer weekends in the early 1950s.

In the 1970s the local emergency services organization was formed, with local volunteers completing EMS coursework in 1975 and the EMS formally launched.  The county provided Wauneta with its first ambulance and in 1981 provided the squad with its first new ambulance.  The Village of Wauneta purchased the former Champlin gas station located in downtown Wauneta and the building was converted to an ambulance barn and EMS headquarters.  The ambulance barn is located at the intersection of Tecumseh Avenue and Wichita Street.  The non-emergency phone number to the ambulance barn is 394-5963.

Over the years, EMS volunteers held fundraisers to help purchase needed equipment and paid for training out of their own pockets. In 1999, the squad received a substantial bequeathal from the Winona Hollembeck estate.  In 2001, they received another large bequest from the estate of Helen Skelton Fanning.



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